Cannot migrate to a Destination mailbox equal to the Source mailbox




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    TresureCoast FL

    What does this mean? how do i fix it?

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    Pete Smith

    Exactly, how do you fix it?  When your source is on premise and your destination is O365....

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Pete,

    This issue should not be a problem for On-Premises to Office 365 migrations as the mail systems are different. These errors happen when the mail systems are the same, like a Office 365 to Office 365 project for example. This is because the same domain cannot exist on the same mail system twice.  

    If you are encountering this type of error on your project. I would look at the endpoints you created to makes sure they are setup as a Exchange Server 2003+ endpoint type for the source and an Office 365 endpoint type for the destination. If you are still having issues after confirming the endpoint types are correct, you can reach out to our support team here and they will be happy to investigate further for you.

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