Migrating from GroupWise Using Administrative Credentials

To migrate from GroupWise using administrative credentials, you must use a GroupWise feature called Trusted Application. A Trusted Application is identified by an application name and a key. By registering a Trusted Application whose name is "MigrationWiz", you will obtain a key which can be used by MigrationWiz to authenticate to multiple user mailboxes. Specify this key on your MigrationWiz connector.

Only GroupWise 8 Support Pack 1 or later offers a convenient graphical user interface tool for you to register Trusted Applications. For previous versions, we provide a command line tool. In all cases, the Trusted Application should have its name set to "MigrationWiz".

To register a Trusted Application called "MigrationWiz" using our command line tool, click ​here.

To register a Trusted Application called "MigrationWiz" using a graphical interface (GroupWise 8 SP1 or later):

  1. Follow Novell's instructions.
  2. Ensure that the application name is set to "MigrationWiz."
  3. Copy the key value for the application key textbox when configuring the Mailbox Connector for GroupWise.

Finally, for users migrating from GroupWise using IMAP, you can specify a Trusted Application key by specifying TrustedApplicationKey=<your key> in the Support Only options on your connector or mailbox Advanced Options as shown below:


Note: When adding the users in an IMAP project using the TrustedApplicationKey​, the UI will still ask you to enter a password for each user. You can enter anything you like in the password field, and it will be ignored. Make sure you do not checkmark the option I don't know the password for this item, because this will send an email to the end user to enter their password.

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