Should I use BitTitan storage or my own Azure storage?

​​​Should I use BitTitan storage or my own Azure storage?


You can use either. Here is some information about both of these options:

Your own Azure storage:

  • If you use your own Azure storage, there will be no storage limitations.
  • You can read the data in your Azure storage containers.
  • You can upload the PST files into your Azure storage using your favorite upload tool (or even drive ship to Microsoft).

BitTitan storage:

  • With BitTitan Storage, you do not need to have your own Azure storage. Instead, you can upload your PSTs to our cloud storage account, but there are some limitations.
  • For security, you will have to use our specialized tool, UploaderWiz, to upload your PSTs to our storage.  This will securely upload your PSTs to an isolated container that no one else has access to.  Once you upload the PST, you will not be able to read it.  Only MigrationWiz will be able to read it in order to migrate the data into your MigrationWiz project dashboard.
  • Bittitan storage has a maximum of 100GB set per customer. If the total of your PST files is larger than this, we recommend purchasing your own Microsoft Azure storage instead, and using that for your migration project.



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