Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration Guide




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    Si Chan

    What happens with Google link sharing types:

    * On - public on the web

    * On - anyone with the link

    * On - anyone within organisation can find and access

    * On - anyone within organisation with the link


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    Rob Latino

    Hi Si Chan,

    The Google sharing links are not migrated because the links cannot be converted to OneDrive for Business sharing links.

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    Luis Bustamante

    Hello Rob,

    The documents that an external user shares with me, will the OneDrive for Business continue to appear?

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    Ed Voges

    I noticed in the section around the Sync Migration Pass, it recommends to disable Versioning on OneDrive or Sharepoint Online.  But according to this MS articles, O365 Tenants since Oct 2018 have had that feature turned off, and do not allow Versioning to be disabled.

    Plus, the documentation here is vague... there is no Sync Migration Pass, only the Trial Migration, Pre-Stage Migration, and Full Migration options, just like an email migration project.

    So, are they saying to only set the SyncItems=1 to the last Full Migration pass, or is it recommended to keep that option on for all migration passes, while clearing the Statistics between each pass... it is confusing for me.  Not sure what I should do to help prevent multiple documents showing up in OneDrive for Business.

    Or should I run only one pass, and hope it doesn't get partial data and require multiple passes?

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Ed,

    Sorry for the confusion. With the SyncItems=1 option, that should only be ran on the final pass of the migration. It is not recommended to run multiple passes with this option. This can cause your OneDrive collections to balloon exponentially. So your original thought was correct. Only set and run the SyncItems=1 option on the final pass of the migration once you have migrated all the data over to the OneDrive.




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