Skipping "filename"' Because the File is Inside a Folder You Don't Own.

MigrationWiz detected a file belonging to the current user that was created in a folder that the user doesn't own. We cannot migrate this file.​

​For performance and accuracy purposes, and only for the first level of shared folders, we now detect files you own in a folder you don’t own, and skip all subtree for this scan.

There are are several options for handling those files: 
  • Use the Advanced Option DocumentBrowsingMode=Moderate as explained in the Google Drive to OneDrive for Business Migration Guide. However, be aware that this mode isn't compatible with the default mode, which means that the OneDrive collection will have to be completely reset at Destination before resubmitting. 
  • Use the Advanced Option DocumentBrowsingMode=FullCopy. This mode migrates files ONLY. Do not migrate permissions while using this mode, or documents will be duplicated. Be aware that each User will have a full copy of the file, so sharing at the Destination must be recreated manually.
  • Have the user move the files outside of the shared folders at the Source, run another pass, then have the user put the files in the share folder again.

Review the Adding Support Options article to learn how to set an Advanced Support Option​ for your project or item(s).

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