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PST to Office 365 Migration Guide




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    Mark Keller

    I have one user who has a PST file on his local PC attached to his local Outlook client. He has been using this local PST file for email storage for years. I want to migrate this to a mailbox on the company's Office 365 Tenant. For this company I also have an Azure tenant and can easily setup a storage account with the migrationwiz blob container and copy the PST file there. Your instructions are clear. My question is if the PST file I want to migrate has a password will I be able to configure the PST password in your setup somehow. Or, will I need to remove the PST password before copying the PST file to Azure and attempting the migration? 

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    Anne Kohler

    Hi Mark,

    Our systems are not able to migrate a password-protected PST, so the password would have to be removed first.  I did find that while we have password-protected PSTs mentioned with regards to DeploymentPro (, we do not have them mentioned in this article.  I will submit a request to have that included in the documentation!  I'm glad that the rest of the instructions are clear and useful!

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