How can I avoid reaching Google throttling limits during my migration?

 Google has strict throttling limits. If these limits are reached, it could result in the account being locked out for 24 hours, which may negatively impact your migration plan.

Important: During migrations, MigrationWiz connects to Google (G Suite) endpoints using OAuth 2.0. This allows administrators to grant access to MigrationWiz at an organization level, rather than requiring each individual user to grant MigrationWiz access to their inbox. 

When migrating from G Suite, you should refer to the migration guide that matches your scenario. Each guide includes steps to filter out the All Mail folder until the last pass. By following the steps in the guides, you should not be affected by the issues below.

The main limit to be aware of when performing migrations from G Suite is of folders in a mailbox containing too many items.

  • Issues can occur when you are migrating folders that contain over 100,000 items. Note that the All Mail folder can reach this size.
  • If you try to migrate the All Mail folder in one pass, you may hit Google throttling limits. The best way to handle the All Mail folder is to follow this guide: What is the best way to handle the G Suite All Mail label during migration?
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