How do I avoid folders being mapped to /inbox folders when migrating to G Suite?

How do I avoid folders being mapped to /inbox/foldername labels when migrating to G Suite?


By default, when migrating to G Suite, folders that are under the Inbox folder will be mapped to the inbox/foldername label.

To change this behavior, add a project Advanced Option, Folder Mapping, located under "Support/support options".

A common one that is added is: 

FolderMapping="^INBOX/->" This will map folders to the root label on the Destination mailboxes, rather than under inbox/labelname.

Here are the steps to add this:

  • From your MigrationWiz dashboard, click on the Edit Project button.

  • From the drop-down list, select Advanced Options.

  • At the bottom right-hand of the page is the Support field.

  • Under Support Option enter: FolderMapping="^INBOX/->"

  • Click on the "+" button.

  • Click on the Save Options button.

  • Click on the Save Project button to return to the project dashboard.


  • When this folder mapping is applied, if a user has a folder named "test" at the root of their mailbox, and also a folder named "test" under their Inbox folder, then these will be merged into the same label on G Suite, which will appear under the root label.
  • In G Suite, you have labels instead of folders. Labels can make it easier to organize things, because one message can have multiple labels, rather like tagging in social networks and photo-sharing sites.
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