Testing DeploymentPro with Small User Group


DeploymentPro works in conjunction with the BitTitan Device Management Agent (DMA).

The steps to deploy DMA via Group Policy Object (GPO) can be found in KB005412.

If you want to deploy DMA via GPO to only a subset of users, you can set a security filter group and add only that subset of users to the group. You can then apply the GPO to that security group.

Alternatively, you can deploy DMA via email (by following the directions in KB005411), and only send the email to the test users.

Once DMA is deployed, only the users in that group are populated in your DeploymentPro customer portal. You can then select all users, or individual users, for the Proof Of Concept.

The steps to follow to run DeploymentPro are detailed in the DeploymentPro guide here.


  • Read What does DeploymentPro configure/not configure?
  • You do not have to migrate the mailboxes in MigrationWiz in order for DeploymentPro to work, or to start a DeploymentPro project.
  • To migrate these mailboxes through MigrationWiz, it is necessary to purchase User Migration Bundle licenses or mailbox migration licenses. If these mailboxes have already been migrated to Office 365 in another MigrationWiz project, this could cause duplicates at the Destination because the Destination has already been populated with mail items from the other migration project.
  • If running a full Proof of Concept, which includes migrating the mailboxes through MigrationWiz and reconfiguring the Outlook profiles through DeploymentPro, be sure to reset everything before beginning your actual Full Migration project. To reset:

For any subsequent tests, repeat the steps.

Once your tests are complete, you can connect Outlook back to your Source environment with the following steps:

  1. Open the following JSON file with Notepad and change "IsCompleted" from true to false: %localappdata%\BitTitan\DeviceManagementAgent\module\OutlookConfigurator\config.json 
  2. Open the Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BitTitan\DeploymentProIsComplete and change the key to "0".
  3. Open the Registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\XX\Outlook\AutoDiscover (where XX equals 14.0, 15.0, or 16.0) and remove all but "(Default)".  
  4. Close Outlook and go to Control Panel>Mail>ShowProfiles. Then, remove the Btprofile and set the original profile as the default.
  5. Opening Outlook now will connect back to your source environment.

When you are ready to run DeploymentPro for all users, follow the steps in KB005412 to deploy DMA via GPO to the users, and then follow the steps in the DeploymentPro guide (KB005577).

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