Setting a Date Range Filter

 Date range filters are set at the project level, and allow you to exclude items that were last modified before or after a certain date. To set a date range filter on a migration:

  1. Log in to MigrationWiz.
  2. Go to the project containing the migrations that need a date range filter.
  3. In the top-left corner, click on Edit Project, and from the drop-down menu, select Advanced Options.
  4. In the Filtering section, you will see the text "Only migrate items within this date range". Under this, you will see two checkboxes:
    • To exclude items that are older than a certain date, check the box that says Only migrate items newer than the specified date.
    • To exclude items that are newer than a certain date, check the box that says Only migrate items older than the specified date.
  5. Date selection boxes will appear. Choose the date and time for your filter.
  6. Click on Save Options and then click on Save Project.


  • The time you select will be configured according to your local time zone, and will then be converted to UTC, which will be used to determine the correct local time for each end user.
  • Items migrate based on Modify Date, and not Create Date. For more information, see KB005485.
  • You can set a filter to migrate items before a date and a filter to migrate items after a certain date, at the same time. This allows you to select a specific timeframe of data that you wish to migrate.
  • When running a Pre-Stage Migration, any current date range filters will be overriden by the Pre-Stage Migration's settings. Click here to learn more about pre-stage migrations.
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