Lotus Notes Error: Lotus Notes Shared Memory

​​How do I troubleshoot the "​Lotus Notes Shared Memory Error"?


While running a Lotus Notes Migration, it is possible to encounter an error on the Extractor Server stating "Shared Memory from a previous Notes/Domino run has been detected, this process will exit now."  This is a known Lotus Notes issue, and is supposed to only exist in version 8.5, but has also been observed in version 9.0. 

To resolve this issue, follow these instructions.

  1. Close Lotus Extractor.
  2. Navigate to location %localappdata%\LotusExtractor
  3. Open the folder with the highest version number starting with name app-.
  4. Rename file LotusExtractor.csv to LotusExtractor.csv.old. (If you get a message that the file already exists, add a number to the end and save.)
  5. Then relaunch the Lotus Extractor. 
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