What are the Autodiscover configuration settings for DeploymentPro for (Hosted) Exchange?

What are the Autodiscover configuration settings for DeploymentPro for Hosted Exchange?


DeploymentPro currently can only officially be used with migration projects where Office 365 is the Destination. If using DeploymentPro with Exchange (either On-Premises or Hosted) as a Destination, a proof of concept should be run first.

The key element in the configuration is Autodiscover. Autodiscover needs to be configured correctly, and it must be reachable from the device that DeploymentPro is running on. DeploymentPro will try to detect what the Autodiscover URL and certificate is, based on DNS settings.

  • To override these settings, change them to a new setting and, on the Configuration screen, select the checkbox beside Bypass Local Autodiscover.
  • If DeploymentPro cannot detect the settings necessary to configure the Outlook profile, you can fill them in yourself. The Autodiscover URL usually looks something like this: https://autodiscover." + domain + "/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml" and can be verified by your Exchange administrator. The certificate needs to be defined in this format:  ​​"msstd:<FQDN the certificate is issued to>"​  and will result in something that looks like this: ​​"msstd:mail.mining88.com"​. 
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