How should the permissions on a Lotus Notes NSF file be configured before it is sent to Support for review?

Before submitting the NSF file to Support for review, the following must be done to give Support the ability to access the file:

  1. Set the Default and Anonymous users to have manager rights, and checkmark the box for Delete Documents.

  2. Make sure that the file is decrypted.

  3. Compact the database with default settings.?

In addition to performing the above three steps, it is helpful for Support to know which version of Domino the NSF file is being used in. Prior to uploading the NSF to BitTitan's FTP site, please add the Domino version to the NSF file name if possible. Example : If the NSF is Userx.NSF and is being used in the Domino 8.5 environment, rename the file to Domino.8.5.Userx.NSF before uploading. Alternatively, upload an additional .txt file along with the NSF file that includes the name of the NSF file, and the Domino version the NSF file is being used in.?
NSF File : Userx.NSF
Domino Version : 8.5

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