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Will MigrationWiz work when two-factor or multi-factor authentication is in place?




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    Greg S

    Hello ,

    All our accounts on 365 are REQUIRED to have MFA enabled. That includes all user and admin accounts.  It's a  Microsoft CSP requirement, and they check.  Please update this document to let others know if they have similar MFA requirements, the admin account's "app" password can be used to authenticate . 


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    Anne Kohler

    Hello Greg,

    Thank you for letting us know!  I will submit a ticket to our Knowledge Base team to have this article updated with that information.

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    Benjamin Plummer

    Here's what Microsoft told me to do:

    It worked like a charm to turn off 2FA for the whole tenant so the migration would work.


    Turn off MFA -

     - Go to Office admin center -

     - Search for Multi factor authentication on the admin homepage.

     - Choose the users and disable MFA.


    Turn OFF security defaults -

     - Sign into Azure active directory -

     - Click "Azure active directory" > Properties > "Manage Security Defaults"

     - Turn Off "Security defaults".

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    Kyle Rinner


    Thank you for sharing the fix that was provided to you by Microsoft.


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