Finding SharePoint URL and Document Library for Migration

Finding SharePoint URL

When creating a Document Migration project with SharePoint as either the Source or the Destination, the correct SharePoint URL must be provided in the endpoint settings.

Most commonly you'll have a custom site collection created, if you navigate to the SharePoint site you want to migrate data from, the URL format you should see is:

This would be the URL to specify in the endpoint of the project. If you see something like this:

You would exclude `SitePages/page-name.aspx`.

  • NOTE: You'll follow the same formatting to migrate from a subsite so you would use in the endpoint.

Finding Document Library Name

Most commonly all of the data for a SharePoint site is within the default library which will simply be Shared Documents

To verify or find out what to input as the Document Library in the project, navigate to the to the SharePoint site and open one of the libraries, usually on the left hand side of the main page, and the URL will be formatted as:

The Document Library name is Library%20Name, you'll remove the %20 and use Library Name for the project.


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