How do I perform a migration with two different types of licenses?

How do I perform a migration with two different types of licenses?​


You cannot perform a single migration with two different types of licenses. ​​​(For example, you cannot run Mailbox migrations for 5 users if you have 2 MigrationWiz-Mailbox licenses and 3 MigrationWiz-Document licenses.) You can only launch as many migrations as you have licenses of that specific type. 

Note: The exception to this is the User Migration Bundle license.  The User Migration Bundle license includes the functionality of MigrationWiz-Mailbox, MigrationWiz-Document, and MigrationWiz-Personal Archive licenses.  This allows the User Migration Bundle license to be used in combination with a single migration type license appropriate for the migration.

You can see which types of licenses you have by clicking on the Account button in the top right corner and selecting Licenses.

If you purchased the User Migration Bundle license, then you can perform multiple migrations of various types. For example, you can perform a mailbox migration, and then later perform a document migration without having to purchase additional licenses. Refer to these articles for more information:

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