Full Access Permissions for Exchange Account for Intermedia Hosted Exchange

1. Navigate to Control Panel at https://controlpanel.msoutlookonline.net and log in using your administrator account.
2. Navigate to Services, and click on Exchange Mailbox.
3. Click on the display name for the mailbox that you want to grant full access permissions.
4. Click on Exchange. In the Mailbox access area, click on the Full access & Send as link.
5. In the new window, enter the administrator name you want to use for migration, and click the Check Name button to check the name. You can also select the name from address book. 
6. Click on Add to add the administrator account
7. Select Full Access and then, in the Access Allowed for window, click on Save Changes.​


Note: The step-by-step process above is a general guideline, and is subject to change.  If you encounter issues with granting full access permissions, contact Intermedia for assistances.

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