Lotus Notes Error: No more heartbeats from Extractor agent

​No more heartbeats from Extractor agent, please check if the Extractor has been launched​.

This error may occur if a Lotus Notes migration fails to contact the Lotus Extractor agent.​


 To resolve this issue, confirm that:
  1. ​The Lotus Extractor is running on the migration server.​​ If the Lotus Extractor is not running on the migration server, be sure that the Lotus Notes Client is not open, then launch the Lotus Extractor.
  2. The Lotus Notes Client configured on the migration server is not open. If the Lotus Notes Client was opened while the Lotus Extractor was running, reboot the migration server and launch the Lotus Extractor again.
  3. The migration server is not experiencing 90% or more CPU usage over a period of more than 10 minutes.​ If CPU usage is 90% or more over a period of more than 10 minutes, lower the number of Maximum Concurrent Migrations, and monitor CPU usage while migrating the updated number of Maximum Concurrent ​migrations.


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