Lotus Notes Error: Your migration failed checking Source credentials

Error Message

​​Your migration failed checking Source credentials - User CN=xxxxxx/O=xxxxxx cannot open database MailServerName!!PathOnMailServer\DatabaseName, where CN=xxxxxx is the Commmon Name of the mailbox, O=xxxxxx is the Organization the mailbox belongs to, MailServerName is the name of the mail server, PathOnMailServer is the path on the mail server the database is located in, and DatabaseName is the name of the database.


  • ​The NSF database file may not exist, or may not exist in the location being referenced.
  • The migration account being used may not have permissions assigned to the NSF database file required to perform migration of the data.

Confirm that one of these scenarios may be the issue by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the following location on the extractor machine %userprofile%\appdata\local\LotusExtractor, where %current_user% is the account logged on to the extractor machine.
  2. Open the latest-versioned folder that beings with app-.
  3. Inside the folder, open the file LotusExtractor.csv.
  4. Inside the LotusExtractor.csv, find the Source email of the failed migration in the Source Email column.
  5. The location of the NSF database file is​ found in the MailFile column.

Confirm that the NSF database exists in the location shown in the MailFile column of the corresponding Source Email experiencing this issue.

If the NSF database exists, double-click to open it and confirm that the migration account is listed in the NSF Access Control List by clicking on File> Application> Access Control.  If the migration account is part of the Access Control List, highlight the account and make sure Manager permission is set in the Access drop-down field to the right of the list, and all permissions boxes are checkmarked.

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