Can labels or folders with double byte spaces in IMAP systems be migrated?


No, this is a limitation of IMAP.

An error will be returned, and reported within MigrationWiz, when retrieving any folder or label with a double byte space in the name, from any IMAP based-system.


  • G Suite/Gmail uses IMAP. Google has implemented functionality that strips double byte spaces from label names, when labels are created in the default manner. However, if users do not follow standard procedures for creating labels, it is still possible for users to create labels with double byte spaces. In such cases, these labels will not be migrated.
  • Other IMAP systems use folders rather than labels. If an IMAP system allows for double byte spaces within folder names, and a user creates folder names with double byte spaces, these folders will not be migrated.


Rename the folder in the source mailbox.

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