Active Directory is unavailable. Try again later.




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    Go Solis

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Dont ask us for help, lets pass the buck to Microsoft.


    Edit: For me I had to disable impersonation and then it worked.

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    Bruno Lecoq

    Exactly the same happened to me today and the buck was pushed to MSFT

    Getting the issue “Your migration failed checking destination credentials. Active Directory is unavailable. Try again later. Error: ErrorADUnavailable”,

    Do not waste your time calling MSFT, simply turn off impersonation’ and the issue should go away

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    David Caldwell

    The "help" is obviously completely useless. This is the de facto cut and paste answer that every incompetent tech would give when they have no clue what they are talking about. Luckily BitTitan customers are smarter then their technicians and the comments are helpful. 

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    Hayden Greaves

    I tried turning off impersonation and at least I got a better error message that pointed me in the right direction. I was missing an Exchange Online license for the destination mailbox of the user in question. My bad - still, the error message didn't exactly help, as BitTitan said: "Fairly generic". 

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    Frank Van Zeir

    Had the same error on 1 user.

    That user was a global administrator. Just changed the global administrator to the basic "User (no admin access)" role.
    Then the problem was gone without disabling impersonation.

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    Technik Arcade

    I had this error for a destination mailbox which was created without a * mail address (so it only had an address with a custom domain). After I added an alias with a * address and changed the destination address in MigrationWiz accordingly, the problem was gone.

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