How do I search for large items on an Outlook or G Suite webmail client?

How do I search for large items on an Outlook or G Suite webmail client?


It is possible that the size item limit on the Destination is lower than the Source. This will result in migration failures for those items that are larger than the limit on the Destination.

Before you start a migration, it is possible to identify the items that will fail to migrate by doing a mailbox search for large items on the Source.


  • This is an end user approach, which requires each end user to perform these steps. 
  • This article includes instructions for Outlook clients and G Suite webmail clients. Refer to the option that matches your client.


Option 1: Using Outlook Client

  1. Create a new search folder. 
    • Note: More information on how to create a search folder can be found here.
  2. In the resulting drop-down list, scroll down and select Large mailand click on Choose...
  3. Change the number to the item size limit on the Destination (e.g., 25000), and click OK twice.

You will now have a new folder, under Search Folders, that will display all the emails that are larger than the selected size.



Option 2: Using G Suite webmail client

  1. Access the G Suite Gmail website.
  2. On the Search box, type the item size limit on the Destination (e.g., 25000000) and click on the search icon.

 Note: The value entered in the search box must be in Bytes.


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