Add Folder Mapping for GroupWise Cabinet Folder


When the mail system is running on GroupWise, subfolders under the root "Mailbox" folder can be in a folder named "Cabinet".

If no folder mapping is added to your MigrationWiz project, then all folders, once migrated, will also appear under a folder named "Cabinet". This can be confusing for end users, who might be expecting these folders to appear under the root of their inbox.

If this is the case, a folder mapping should be added in your MigrationWiz Project Advanced Options.


Follow these steps:

  • From the MigrationWiz dashboard, click on the Edit Project button, and then from the drop-down list, select Advanced Options.
  • ​In the Support section, under Support Options, specify the following:
    • FolderMapping=”^Cabinet->Inbox”
    • Click on the "+" sign.

Note: You must click on the "+" sign in order for the folder mapping to be added.

  • Click on Save Options.
  • Click on Save Project.


  • On GroupWise, the Inbox is actually named "Mailbox". MigrationWiz contains a default folder mapping to automatically remap "Mailbox" over to the Inbox at the Destination (for those Destinations, such as Exchange and Office 365, that contain an Inbox).
  • If you want to add a folder mapping on an individual item level, rather than at the MigrationWiz project level, refer to KB005017.
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