Ensuring the Lotus Notes Extractor only uses US-based IP addresses

​​The Lotus Notes Extractor uses IP Checking from non-US-based IP addresses. In extremely strict environments, this may cause the Extractor to function incorrectly.​

​To bypass this IP check, add <add key="IsDev" value="false"/>​​ as an entry to the LotusExtractor.exe.config file, which is located in  %localappdata%\LotusExtractor on the migrating machine.

This config file edit needs to be added below the following line:

<!-- Version -->
<add key="IsDev" value="false"/>​​

The end result appears like this:​​​​

<!-- Version -->
<add key="IsDev" value="false"/>
<add key="LogShippingEnabled" value="false"/> ​

Now, save the file and run the Extractor.​

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