SharePoint Documents are Showing "Checked Out" During Migration

Some versions of SharePoint have a default setting that automatically marks documents as "checked out" when for editing. This is important because the process of migration acts as "editing" the contents of the library. It is possible to configure a library that requires that documents are "checked out" so they can be manually edited. In both of these scenarios, the documents that are part of the migration will show up in the destination library as "checked out".

This setting can be changed by turning off the enforced check-in/check-out option before migrating your documents.  

Note: The enforced check-out of documents causes the last modified date of the documents to be overwritten by the migration.  To keep the proper information on the document, we recommend that you remove the previously migrated files from the destination, change the settings or create a new library, and perform the migration again. 

  1. Create a new Document Library in your SharePoint destination.
  2. Click Library Settings.
  3. On the Library Settings page, under General Settings, click the Versioning settings.
  4. In the Require Check Out section, under the "Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited?" question, select No.
  5. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the Library Settings page.
  6. Change the settings for your SharePoint migration destination to point to the new Library that was just created.
  7. Reset migration Statistics using the steps in KB005101.
  8. Migrate your files.
  9. You can enable the check-out requirement after the migration completes.

Alternatively, if the last modified date is not a concern for your documents, you can also perform a bulk check-in of the files, using the instructions provided here: "Check out or check in files in a document library".

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