Onboarding Guide: Get Organized

Get organized with MSPComplete to maintain standardized processes and ensure consistent delivery. Understand the true costs and effort required to deliver Services and build out your pipeline with confidence. Get greater visibility into progress and customer satisfaction.

These articles will help you get started with the Get Organized plan in MSPComplete. You’ll learn how to create Runbooks, generate estimates, execute Services and Tasks, and report on true costs.

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Introduction to MSPComplete

MSPComplete is a multi-user system that IT professionals in your organization can use collaboratively. To get started with MSPComplete, take a few moments to learn about subscription plans, the interface, key terminology, and billing.



MSPComplete Features Overview

Learn about the key features of MSPComplete.

MSPComplete Subscription Plans

Learn about the Get Organized and Get Automated subscription plans.

MSPComplete Interface Tour

Learn how to get around in MSPComplete.

MSPComplete Glossary

Learn the key terminology for MSPComplete.

Configure Billing Information for a Workgroup

Configure billing information for a workgroup to purchase subscriptions.

Purchase Subscriptions or Licenses for a Workgroup

Purchase subscriptions to unlock key features that allow you to deliver Services to your customers, add PowerShell automation, report on Service delivery costs, and manage your IT staff in teams.

Invite Agents to a Workgroup

Add your IT staff to MSPComplete so they can manage customer resources and deliver Services.

Onboarding Guide: Get Automated

Review this onboarding guide for an initial set of steps and instructions to get you going with the Get Automated plan.


Create Runbooks

Turn your standard operating procedures into live documentation that displays detailed, step-by-step information with rich text, hyperlinks, images, code blocks, and contextual information. Browse our Library to find out-of-the-box Runbook templates.



View Runbooks in the Library

The Library Page in MSPComplete contains preconfigured Runbooks.

Customize a Runbook from the Library

Customizing a Runbook from the Library is the fastest way to start offering Services to your customers. Look through the Library for Runbooks that apply to you, and customize them to make them your own.

Create a New Runbook on the Runbooks Page

Create a new Runbook from scratch if the preconfigured Runbooks in the Library don’t match the technologies that you work with.

Edit a Runbook or Service

Fine-tune a Runbook or Service by editing the name, start date, due dates, assignees, cost estimates, and individual Tasks.


Generate Cost Estimates

Project the costs of delivering Services based on the employee assigned to do the work, any material costs, and the anticipated delivery times for each task. Once the Service is completed, you can report on estimated vs. actual time and costs.



Estimate and Launch a Service from the Runbooks Page

Launch a Service from a Runbook and add Agent assignments and time estimates to get the estimated cost and effort to complete the Service.


Execute Services and Tasks

Assign and launch your Runbooks to put them into action. Surface and follow the information needed to complete the task at hand. Track Services progress in real time against the estimated timelines and view delivery metrics upon completion.



View Services on the Workgroup Delivery Center

The Workgroup Delivery Center contains all active and completed Services for all Customers across the Workgroup. The Delivery Center is where you can view the status of Services and their associated Tasks.

View Tasks on the My Tasks Page

The My Tasks Page is where Agents go to see the Services and Tasks currently assigned to them.

Complete Tasks for a Service

Agents that are assigned Services and Tasks are responsible for completing them within their prescribed start date and due dates and within the time estimate. This ensures the actual cost doesn’t run over estimated cost to complete Services.


Report True Costs

The Service Report appears in the Task list for a Service after all Tasks are completed. The Service Report provides a high-level overview of the Service estimates against actual cost and effort.



View and Add Workgroup Reports

View the true cost of a Service once all its Tasks are completed to evaluate efficiency. 


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