Onboarding Guide: Get Automated

BitTitan MSPComplete provides an automation framework that allows you to automate Runbook tasks using PowerShell scripts. The ability to develop, test, and debug automation scripts is enabled using the BitTitan Software Development Kit (SDK), that you can download and install locally.

These articles will help you get started with the Get Automated plan in MSPComplete. You’ll learn how to get started with MSPComplete, add automation, and work with the BitTitan SDK.

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Introduction to MSPComplete

MSPComplete is a multi-user system that IT professionals in your organization can use collaboratively. To get started with MSPComplete, take a few moments to learn about subscription plans, the interface, key terminology, and billing.



MSPComplete Features Overview

Learn about the key features of MSPComplete.

MSPComplete Subscription Plans

Learn about the Get Organized and Get Automated subscription plans.

MSPComplete Interface Tour

Learn how to navigate in MSPComplete.

MSPComplete Glossary

Learn key terminology for MSPComplete.

Configure Billing Information for a Workgroup

Configure billing information for a workgroup to purchase subscriptions.

Purchase Subscriptions or Licenses for a Workgroup

Purchase subscriptions to unlock key features that allow you to deliver services to your customers, add PowerShell automation, report on service delivery costs, and manage your IT staff in Teams.

Invite Agents to a Workgroup

Add your IT staff to MSPComplete so they can manage customer resources and deliver services.

Onboarding Guide: Get Organized

Review this onboarding guide for an initial set of steps and instructions to get you going with the Get Organized plan.


Add Automation

Learn the basics about MSPComplete automation, how automation scripts are executed in MSPComplete, and how to create variables and pass them between tasks.



Introduction to the Automation Model

Get an initial overview of automation for MSPComplete, including an introduction to the BitTitan Software Development Kit (SDK), and key terminology. 

MSPComplete Automation Model Architecture

Learn how automation scripts are executed in MSPComplete and how they interact with other BitTitan applications and third-party applications.

Automation Building Blocks

Learn about the building blocks of automation scripting, including how data is collected from input tasks and passed on between tasks.

Writing and Using Automation Scripts

Learn more in depth information about automation scripting variables.


BitTitan SDK

The BitTitan SDK provides you with a PowerShell module that contains BitTitan cmdlets for interacting programmatically with the MSPComplete platform, as well as reference documentation that provides guidance on their use. The BitTitan SDK gives you access to the BitTitan Command Shell and Management Console, which you can use to automate or execute many MigrationWiz actions.



How do I install the BitTitan SDK?

Learn about the prerequisites and system requirements for installing the BitTitan SDK.

Using BitTitan PowerShell cmdlets to manage authentication

Learn about using BitTitan cmdlets to programmatically authenticate users on the MSPComplete platform using authentication tickets.

Manage requests using PowerShell cmdlets

Learn about using BitTitan PowerShell cmdlets to retrieve, create, update, and delete requests.

Managing Customers and Resources 

Learn about using the BitTitan PowerShell SDK to manage customers, end users, and other resources.

Working with Services and Tasks using PowerShell cmdlets

Learn about programmatically working with services and tasks using BitTitan PowerShell cmdlets.

Using MigrationWiz PowerShell cmdlets

Learn about using MigrationWiz PowerShell cmdlets to control migration projects.



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