Create a New Runbook from Existing Documentation

Administrators and managers can create a new Runbook from existing documentation by copying and pasting the instructions into a new Runbook, and then splitting the steps into separate Tasks.

For more information: Read the Runbooks, Services, and Tasks Overview article.


Follow these steps to create a new Runbook from existing documentation:

  1. Select the workgroup on the top of the left navigation pane.
  2. Click Runbooks on the left navigation pane.
  3. Click New Runbook.
    You are redirected to the Customization Page for the Build Your Own Service Runbook, in which you can enter estimates, add/edit Tasks, and assign them to agents.
  4. Enter a name for the Runbook.
  5. Enter a material cost for the Runbook.
  6. Enter a customer cost for the Runbook.

  7. Give the new Task a name that describes the steps for that Task.
  8. Copy your existing documentation, for example, from a Word document or a web page, and paste it into the instructions text box for the Task.

  9. Complete these steps if your documentation consists of multiple sections that should be split into separate Tasks:
    1. Highlight the steps that comprise a separate Task.
    2. Right-click the highlighted text, and select Create new task.


      A new Task is created with the selected steps, and the steps are removed from the original Task.

    3. Give the new Task a name that describes the steps for that Task.

      Note: Repeat these steps for every set of instructions in your documentation that should be broken up into separate Tasks.
  10. Click Publish when you are done creating all the Tasks for the Runbook.

    The Task is published to the Runbooks page and is ready to be launched and customized. Refer to the Estimate and Launch a Service from the Runbooks Page article for information about launching and adding time and cost estimates for a Service. 


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