Revert a DeploymentPro configuration of Outlook

In this article, we show you how to revert a User’s Outlook mail profile to the state it was in before the DeploymentPro configuration. Follow this process, for example, if you tested DeploymentPro to see the User experience and you need to connect Outlook back to the Source server so the test subject can continue receiving mail.

Follow these steps to revert a User’s Outlook mail profile to the state it was in before the DeploymentPro configuration:

  1. Sign in to Windows as the User for which DeploymentPro configured the Outlook mail profile.
  2. Close Outlook if it’s running.
  3. Using Notepad, open the JSON file located in this directory:

  4. Change the value IsCompleted:true to IsCompleted:false.
  5. Save and close the JSON file.
  6. Open Registry Editor and navigate to this registry branch:

  7. Open the DeploymentProIsComplete registry key, change its value to 0 (zero), and then click OK.
  8. Depending on the version of Microsoft Office installed on the computer, navigate to the appropriate registry branch:

    For Microsoft Outlook 2010:


    For Microsoft Outlook 2013:


    For Microsoft Outlook 2016:

  9. Remove all the registry keys in the directory, except for the (Default) registry key.
  10. Close Registry Editor.
  11. Open the Control Panel, and click Mail.
  12. Click Show Profiles.
  13. In the list of mail profiles, select Btprofile, and then click Remove.

  14. Select Always use this profile, and then select the original mail profile, typically labeled as Outlook, in the drop-down menu.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Open Outlook. The original profile is used, and is connected to the original Source mail server, and not the Destination server.



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