Introduction: Migration Credentials

The topic of account credentials and access permissions are central to migrations. In order to migrate large numbers of mailboxes, for example, the migration engine needs to access each and every mailbox on the Source that is selected for migration. When migrating hundreds, or even thousands of mailboxes, manually providing individual credentials is impractical.

The solution is creating an administrative account for the migration, which then uses techniques such as impersonation or delegation to apply a common set of credentials for all of the migrating accounts.

The exact technique for achieving this varies with the Source and Destination endpoints. Different systems provide different opportunities and constraints. Each of our BitTitan migration guides is Endpoint-specific and provides guidance on how best to accomplish your migration goals for the desired Endpoints.

The links below will provide you with more information. Click through for detailed steps and directions. 

How do I verify credentials?

You may verify the credentials of items in MigrationWiz without migrating data or consuming any licenses. Follow the link above for specific steps.

How do I migrate if my system does not support administrative credentials?

MigrationWiz supports a number of ways to access mailboxes.  If you do not have administrative access to the mailbox, there are several ways you can access the contents, detailed at the link above.

How do I set up a migration without administrator credentials?

There are two ways to set up a migration in cases where you either do not have an administrator account to use or the environment does not support an administrator account. You may either automatically request user credentials, or manually enter those credentials. 

What credentials are needed to migrate from Hosted Exchange?

Detailed steps on how to request the necessary credentials. 

What if I don't know the credentials for the item I want to migrate?

In some cases, you may want to migrate a mailbox but you do not have the credentials. We offer a mechanism in which you can securely request the user name and/or password from the end user that you are going to migrate. 

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