Migrating Calendars in GSuite FAQ

Migrating calendars along with your mailboxes can sometimes cause issues, particularly with respect to calendar appointments, so it’s important to understand the pitfalls. Follow the links below for more information.

Google Calendar event descriptions are plain text, natively. As a result, the event description will come across as plain text when migrating to or from Google.

How are calendar field mappings handled when migrating from G Suite?

  • The primary calendar of the user is mapped to the calendar system folder of the Destination.
  • Migration of all properties with the following exceptions:
    • Migration of up to one alert (because Exchange has only one alert). Note: This refers to the fact that Google can have several calendar alerts/reminders, but Exchange can have only one. This means that in Google you can have a calendar reminder set to remind you hourly, daily, and even weekly. On Exchange, you can have only one alert (e.g., every hour).
    • Calendar permissions are not migrated.

What calendars are migrated with my account?

G Suite supports calendar sharing. For each mailbox, we only migrate calendars owned by the user (i.e., not calendars owned by other users). In most cases, conference room calendars will not be migrated.

Why can't I update calendar events post-migration?

There is an old known issue where calendar events cannot be updated post-migration. The actual origin of the issue is unknown. Follow the link above for more information, as well as Microsoft resources. 

Why do I have duplicate calendar items with migration from G Suite?

Duplicate calendar items can be created when the Source is G Suite, and the resource or location of calendar items is changed while a migration is occurring.

​How do I migrate calendars from Google to Office 365 with color?



By default, calendar items will be migrated from GoogleApps to Office 365, as part of the full migration pass.

However, if the source calendars on GoogleApps have additional colors, from those supported on Office 365, then those colors will converted to the default color assigned to the calendar on Office 365, when migrated.



Source: GoogleApps

The Google calendar has eleven color options: 


Destination: Office 365 

The Office 365 calendar only has six out-of-the-box color categories:


Therefore, there are five colors (turquoise, gray, bold blue, bold green, and bold red) that exist in the Google calendar but do not exist in Office 365.

In order to ensure that all colors assigned to calendars on GoogleApps are converted over to Office 365 properly, when the calendars are migrated, the steps below need to be followed:

On destination Office 365 tenant:

  • Before a customer plans to migrate their Google calendar with those five colors to Office 365, every user needs to manually set up their Office 365 calendar by creating new categories to match those five colors, using the exact category name: 
    • "Turquoise category"
    • "Gray category"
    • "Bold blue category"
    • "Bold green category"
    • "Bold red category" 
  • Manually assign a matching color to the category.

Click here, to go to a Microsoft support article on how to create and assign calendar color categories on Office 365.


If the above steps are not followed, then below details what will happen during migration to the calendar color categories.

  • If the user does not pick a specific color (in their Google calendar) for an appointment, then that appointment displays as the default color (light red). 
  • When migrating this calendar item, MigrationWiz will not be able to match the color in the Destination (Office 365)
  • Therefore, the appointment color will be converted to the default color of Office 365 calendar appointments.


Below are some example screen shots, to help explain the scenario where a user does not manually set up the additional calendar color categories, prior to migration.

Source (GoogleApps) calendar:




Destination (Office 365) calendar:



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