Introduction: Audit Logging

MigrationWiz produces an array of runtime logs. Many of these are then rolled up under an audit logging service, while others are associated with other BitTitan features or services.

What is the BitTitan audit logging service and what parameters need to be set?

The BitTitan Audit Logging Service provides a detailed audit trail and log of all the actions taken during a migration. The audit log includes entries for actions performed against items, such as item read at the Source, item skipped, item created at the Destination, item-level errors that occurred during migration, etc. These are logged to a SQL Azure database that you create and own. You are then able to build on top of the data by creating customized reports that provide the transparency necessary for security and compliance.

How do I create an SQL Azure database to be used for BitTitan Audit Logging?

 This two-step process will walk you through how to create an SQL Azure Database.

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