How do I create a new migration project?

To create a new migration project:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
  2. Click the Go To My Projects button.
  3. Click the Create Project button.
  4. Click on the type of project that you wish to create.
    • Collaboration: Collaboration projects are used to migrate a Microsoft Teams instance from one Microsoft tenant to another. Collaboration migrations migrate all Teams, Channels, files, and permissions.
    • Document: Document projects are used to migrate document drives from one cloud storage to another. Document migrations will maintain the folder hierarchy from the source to the destination.
    • Hybrid Exchange: Hybrid Exchange projects are used when migrating an On-Premises Microsoft Exchange 2010+ organization to Office 365. Hybrid projects are usually done over longer periods of time and in batches. 
      Note: Hybrid migrations have a different process than a standard migration and are processed on the Hybrid tab in MigrationWiz. 
    • Mailbox: Mailbox projects are used to migrate the contents of the primary user mailbox from the previous environment to the new environment. Most mailbox migrations can migrate email, calendars, and contacts.
    • Personal Archive: Personal Archive projects are used to migrate archive mailboxes or PST files from one environment to another.
    • Public Folder: Public Folder projects are used to migrate part or all of a Public Folder from one server to another. As with document migrations, the folder hierarchy is maintained from the source to the destination.
  5. Click Next Step.
  6. Enter a Project name and select a Customer. If you have not already added the customer into MSPComplete, you will need to click New to create the Customer. 
  7. Click Next Step.
    Note: If setting up a Tenant to Tenant Coexistence mailbox project, check the box for Enable Tenant to Tenant Coexistence. Otherwise, leave that box unchecked.
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