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    Steffen Knapp

    Hello, we've discovered that there is no discussed option for migrating Teams into an evironment where a Team with the same name already exists, but must not be merged.

    Is it possible to re-map Team names so that the name on destination will be created as chosen?

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    Anne Kohler

    Hello Steffen Knapp,

    We are working on options to rename teams during the process of the migration.  Right now, you can use an Advanced Option to add text to a team name either before or after the current name.  We will have a knowledge base article out about that soon, it is currently being written and verified before being published.  

    The Advanced Options can still be used now, the two options are listed below:

    • AppendRootFolderName="_migrated"

    • PrependRootFolderName="migrated_"

    The first option, will put whatever is in the quotation marks at the end of your migrated team name.  So, for example, a team named Marketing would become "Marketing_migrated" if you used the AppendRootFolderName option above.

    If you used the second option, that same team would instead be named "migrated_Marketing".  PrependRootFolderName will put the text at the beginning of the team name.  

    You can change the text within the quotation marks to something that will help you identify the migrated teams on the destination. Add the preferred option into the Support Options section in Advanced Options. (Click Edit Project, select Advanced Options.)

    Be aware that this is a project level Advanced Option.  ALL teams migrated while this option is in place will have the name change done.  If you want to migrate only specific teams with that name change, then include an inclusive filter, as described in our filter article here:

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