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Teams Migration: Adding a Filter




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    Steffen Knapp

    I'm currently preparing a larger tenant-to-tenant migration with 220 teams in the source environment, of which 107 need to be migrated to the destination. I tried using the Inclusive Filter, but the syntax seems to be incorrect. When I add the filter in the Support Options and save it, the entry will not be stored and is deleted.

    I've tried this with a single and the multiple Team filter, neither of which works. Example:



    I tried Teams that have spaces and those without spaces in their names.

    Would you please provide some information on what the Inclusive Filter needs to look like to be accepted?

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    Anne Kohler

    Hi Steffen,

    The formatting should work, however there may be something else going on.  The best thing to do is to open a ticket with our Support team .

    The Support engineers can work with you directly to test the formatting and the team names that are needed for your filters.

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