Teams Migration – Migrate using US Government Tenants

Migrating to or from a Government tenant requires a specialized command to allow MigrationWiz to connect. Failing to use these options will result in login errors.

In the Advanced Options of the project, under Support Options, add one or both of the commands below, depending on the specific migration scenario:

If migrating from a US Government Tenant, add:

If migrating to a US Government Tenant, add:


  • Due to Microsoft limitations, private channels are not migrated for GCC High Tenants.
  • Conversation History will not be migrated to a tab in the destination. Instead, a message will be posted in the channel with a link to the conversation history HTML file.
  • Due to limitations in the Microsoft system, images will not be migrated as part of the conversation(s). They will still appear in the conversation history HTML file.
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