Teams Migration – Using a CSV to select which teams to migrate - Original Endpoint

Teams original endpoints and license (per User) will be deprecated on Jan 25

The original Microsoft Teams (Source) and Microsoft Teams (Destination) endpoints will be deprecated on Jan 25, 2021. All new Teams to Teams migrations will require the new MigrationWiz-Collaboration (per Team) license and must utilize Teams Parallel endpoints.

Existing projects, created prior to Jan. 25, will not be impacted.

Please contact Sales via the form on the website for license conversion if you have any remaining MigrationWiz-Collaboration licenses.


After running an Assessment, it is possible to use a MigrationWiz-generated CSV to select which teams are included in the migration.

To use this functionality, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Collaboration project that needs specific teams selected.
  2. If an Assessment has not already been completed, run an Assessment.
  3. After the Assessment completes, click on the Actions button and click on Select Teams.
  4. From the flyout menu, click on Assessment Summary CSV File.
  5. When the file finishes downloading, open the file and edit only the first column, titled Selection (true/false).
    • All teams with “TRUE” in the Selection column will be included in the migration. To exclude a team from the migration, change “TRUE” to “FALSE”. A blank cell will be treated as a “FALSE”.
    • Do not change any other information in the CSV file. Changing other fields will cause the team selection to fail.
  6. Save the modified CSV.
    Note: The file must remain in .csv format and must not exceed 5MB.
  7. The new CSV is then uploaded to the project in the same flyout menu that it was downloaded from. The upload entry field is shown at the bottom of the flyout menu.
  8. Click Select File.
  9. Find the modified CSV on your computer and select it.
  10. Click Import. The Assessment results for the project will be updated to reflect only the teams now selected for migration.
  11. When ready, click Start Migration.
  12. After the migration completes, verify on the Destination tenant that only the specified teams have been migrated.


  • After uploading the CSV file, a new option will show under the Actions menu.
    • Clear All Selections – This option will clear the updated CSV list, resetting the migration back to the default, which means all teams will be selected for migration.
  • Selecting Run Full Assessment after uploading a modified CSV will also clear the updated CSV list and reset the migration back to the default of all teams being selected for migration.
  • If any team names have special characters, such as emoji icons, Excel may not be able to open the generated CSV file. The steps below may allow the CSV file to be imported:
    • Open Excel.
    • Import the data using Data--> Import External Data --> Import Data.
    • Select the file type of "csv" and browse to your file.
    • In the import wizard change the File_Origin to "65001 UTF" (or choose correct language character identifier).
    • Change the Delimiter to comma.
    • Select where to import to and Finish.
      Note: While these steps should work for most versions of Excel, some versions may still not be able to open the CSV.
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