Teams Migration – Mapping Renamed Folders in Teams for Display Name Changes that Occurred for the Source Team - Original Endpoint


Warning in project:  Some channels may have been renamed..

Source Teams Channels or groups have been renamed, but in Teams (and SharePoint), the Display Name is changed, not the actual MailNickName (the username in the team SMTP address). When a Teams migration is run, the migration creates the Team and the Teams Channel with the new name, but the Files are being migrated as a SharePoint site, which gets put under the old name. 



The renamed channels need individual mapping commands to move channel files into the correct location during the migration process.

While the warning message will provide the names of the affected channels, it may not include all channels that need mapping. There are two ways to identify the channels which need mapping and what that mapping needs to be.

For large projects with many renamed channels, it is possible to create a list with the necessary information.


  1. Export a channel list. This can be done manually or with PowerShell.
  2. Match up the old names to the  renamed channels.
  3. Create the foldermapping commands for each channel.
  4. Add all foldermapping commands to the Support Options section of the Advanced Options.
    Note: For projects that have a large number of renamed channels, it is probably easiest to use a spreadsheet to keep track of the team names and the correct mapping. When all channels have the foldermapping set up in the spreadsheet, the entire list of commands can be copied and pasted into the Support Options for the migration project.

For smaller projects or projects where only a very small number of channels have been renamed, the new and old names can be identified manually from within the Teams platform.


  1. Click on the team that has been renamed.
  2. Click on the Files tab for that team.
  3. Make a note of the new name (Nickname) (top of the page) and the old name (below the tabs).
  4. Use these names to create the foldermapping command for the channel.

For both of these scenarios, the format for the foldermapping will be the same. Each channel will require its own command.

The command will be formatted as shown below:

FolderMapping="^TeamA/Shared Documents/Oldname->TeamA/Shared Documents/Newname"
Note: Enter the correct information for each team and channel name in place of "TeamA", "Oldname", and "Newname" in the example.

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