Launch DeploymentPro

  1. Go to All ProductsDeploymentPro. This will launch DeploymentPro.
  2. Select a customer from the list by clicking on the customer name.
    Note:  The status column will show enabled when a customer account has had DMA deployed.
  3. Configure customer DeploymentPro module:
    1. Enter the Domain.
    2. Select the Destination endpoint. The endpoint must be set up with admin credentials.
    3. In the Personalized DeploymentPro Client Interface section, upload your company logo and add supporting text.
      Note:We strongly recommend doing this, because this is the logo and text that end users will see in a desktop pop-up when they are prompted to reconfigure their Outlook profiles. If you do not upload your own logo, the default BitTitan logo will be included instead.
    4. Save and continue.
  4. Activate the DeploymentPro module for users.
    1. Either select all users (by putting a checkmark the box to the left of the Primary Email Address column heading) or select the individual users (by putting a checkmark in the boxes to the left of the user email addresses).
      Note:DeploymentPro is included with the User Migration Bundle license. DeploymentPro cannot be purchased as a standalone service license, and it cannot be added to the single-use mailbox migration license. If you wish to remotely configure Outlook mail profiles using DeploymentPro after a migration, purchase the User Migration Bundle license.
    2. Click the Schedule Cutover
    3. Schedule the profile cutover date.
    4. Set the date and time for the Outlook profile configuration to occur and click the Schedule Cutover 
      1. The DeploymentPro module will install on user devices immediately and then run silently until this date.
      2. The profile cutover date should be set to a date and time that is shortly after MX record cutover.
  • On the profile cutover date, users will be guided through the reconfiguration of their Outlook profile.
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