Hybrid Migration Troubleshooting Guide

BitTitan Hybrid Exchange Management is a wrapper around Microsoft’s Mailbox Replication Service (MRS). All active troubleshooting for Hybrid Exchange Management is performed by BitTitan Support and is scoped to the BitTitan Hybrid Exchange Management tool only.

Outside of the BitTitan Hybrid Exchange Management service, Support does not make recommendations regarding installing, removing, updating, or changing tools, products, services, or configurations in Exchange On-Premise and/or Office 365 tenants.

This article covers some of the most common errors found while using the Hybrid Exchange Management tool, as well as resolutions and further resources. If you encounter an error not listed here, contact Support. 

Insufficient Licensing Error

If your MigrationWiz account does not have enough Hybrid migration management licenses when syncing a batch, you may see the below orange error message on the Start Sync for Accounting fly out that reads "you do not have sufficient licenses to proceed". 



  1. To resolve this error, purchase additional licenses, then click Cancel at the bottom of the fly out.
  2. On the Hybrid Migration Management page, click Start Sync.
  3. If the required numbers of licenses has been purchased, the orange error banner will no longer appear. 


Error Retrieving Microsoft Settings

When syncing a migration batch, you may see a red banner that reads "Error retrieving Microsoft settings". 


There are several reasons this error occurs:

  • The account or credentials were entered incorrectly.
  • The account was not provisioned with the correct permissions.
  • Both of the above.


Correct the account credentials

  1. Start by checking if the credentials entered can be used to log in to the destination. To do this, click on the Actions drop down and select Edit Project.                                                                                 Hybrid4.PNG
  2. In the side navigation menu, go to Destination Settings.
  3. Copy the Administrator Username and open it in a private browsing session in any browser. 
  4. Go to portal.office.com and enter the account in the sign-in box. 
  5. Click Next.
  6. If you see a message stating that the username may be incorrect, you will need to resolve any login issues and ensure you've entered the correct username before you can continue.



  1. Enter the correct username in the Microsoft sign-in box then enter the correct password and click Sign in.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in with the correct username and password, you will need to update it in the MigrationWiz project. To do this, return to the Destination Settings page and click Edit Endpoint
  3. Enter the corrected username and password in the fly out, then click Update.


Correct the account permissions

After you've ensured the account credentials are correct, you'll need to make sure the permissions are provisioned correctly. 

  1. To do this, log in to the Office 365 tenant with an administrator account, then, from the side navigation menu, select Active Users
  2. From the Active Users screen, select the account being used. 
  3. From the fly out, under Roles, click Manage Roles (if Lessons Administrator is not listed).


     4. From the Manage Roles fly out menu, select Admin Center Access.


     5. Expand Show all by category, select License admin, then click Save changes. You will see a green banner at the top of the manage roles menu confirming the admin roles have been updated.

     6. Next, you will need to check the Admin Center to confirm that the exchange permissions have been provisioned for the account. To do this, select Exchange under Admin centers in the left navigation menu.


     7. From the left navigation menu, select permissions.


     8. At the top of the page, click admin roles.

     9. You will need to ensure the account is part of the Recipient Management group. If it is not, select Recipient Management, then click the edit icon at the top of the page. 


10. When the popup window appears, click the + icon.


     11. Another popup window will now appear. Add your account information, then click Ok.


     12. In the Recipient Management popup window, click Save. It may take up to 30 minutes for the account to show as part of the Recipient Management group. 

After you have confirmed that the credentials and permission provisioning is correct, try syncing the batch again. Click Start sync on the Hybrid Migration Management page. Be sure to click the Refresh button on the Start Sync fly out window. The refresh will take up to 15 minutes. 


Once the refresh is complete, select the Source Endpoint, Office 365 Licence Type, and User Location, then click Start sync.



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