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Provisioning of SharePoint Sites and Subsites (SharePoint to SharePoint Online migrations) 

MigrationWiz now supports the provisioning of SharePoint Sites and Subsites for SharePoint to SharePoint Online migrations.

  1. Create SharePoint to SharePoint Online project

  2. Create a line item

  3. Add the ‘TestSharePointWithProjectConfigUrl’ Advanced Option

    1. This allows a verify credentials pass even if the destination site does not exist.

  4. In the Start Migration flyout, select Setting up SharePoint. This will create all the required sites and subsites at the destination.

  5. Once the Setting up SharePoint step is completed, proceed with Migrate Data to complete migration of the site content.

Refer to prerequisites, detailed migration steps and supported authentication mode for more info.

New Endpoints: Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox 

MigrationWiz now supports a new mailbox migration scenario from Google Groups (Source) to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox (Destination)

What items are migrated?

  • Conversations

    • Message body and attachments

    • Metadata (Dates, Subject, Recipients)

    • Labels

  • Members

    • Email addresses

    • Roles

Ensure the following prerequisites are met before setting up a Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox migration project.

  1. Enable APIs for the Service Account

  2. Google Vault license is required for the source endpoint administrator (only 1 required)​.

  3. Shared Mailbox and member users must be provisioned by the customer at the destination tenant​.

  4. Enable Conversation History on Google Groups settings​.

  5. MigrationWiz Mailbox or User Migration Bundle (UMB) licenses are required.


  • MigrationWiz leverage PowerShell to migrate the project line items, hence, there is an inherited PowerShell concurrency limitation of 3 line items per run per administrator user.

    • It is recommended that user select only 3 line items to prevent encountering this limitation. Selecting more than 3 line items may result in a timeout error.

Refer to the Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox migration guide for more info.


New Advanced Options: UseMultiAdmin=1 for Google Groups to Microsoft 365 Shared Mailbox 

Use Advanced Option UseMultiAdmin=1 to enable use of up to 5 administrator credentials during the source endpoint creation. This is a workaround to the inherited PowerShell concurrency limitation of 3 line items per run. With the usage of this Advanced Option, the concurrency increases to up to 15 line items per run.


  • The Advanced Option must be used for MigrationWiz to support up to 5 administrator credentials. 

  • The first administrator credential entered is taken as the primary admin and used as the reference for domain verification,

  • A comma “,” is to be used as the delimiter for both usernames and passwords.

  • MigrationWiz will automatically trim the trailing and leading spaces for each username and password:

    • (eg, “Adminuser1,Adminuser2 , Adminuser3, Adminuser4 ,Adminuser5”)

  • An error will occur if multiple credentials are used without the Advanced Option, or there is a mismatch between the number of usernames and passwords.

  • With the Advanced Option, the user should configure “Advance Options>Performance>Maximum number of concurrent migrations” accordingly (Eg, 5 administrator credentials would allow 15 concurrent migrations, instead of 3).


Teams: OneNote 

  • Old Behavior:

    • If site asset document library did not exist at source (i.e. no default OneNote), migration would fail.

    • In such scenario, adding the TeamsSkipSiteAssets advanced option would help skip migration of Site Assets document library.

  • New Behavior:

    • If site asset document library does not exist at source, the migration will not be failed. Instead, an error will be logged and migration of Site Assets document library will be skipped. (This is the same behavior as when the advanced option is used).

    • Add the TeamsSkipSiteAssets advanced option to explicitly skip migration of Site Assets document library.


Teams: Dark mode compatibility 

Previously, Teams conversations that were migrated to the destination with dark mode setting were not rendered correctly and appeared unreadable. MigrationWiz has modified the solution to resolve this issue and now Teams conversations migrated to destination with dark mode will be rendered readable.

Teams: Channel tabs 

If there is a change in the source channel tabs (tab name or tab link) after the initial migration pass, users can now run another pass of the migration selecting channel tabs to get the tab changes migrated to the destination.

Note: For the destination tab link to work, the associated document must be migrated/must exist before migrating channel tabs.

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