Current Release Notes


Teams: Migrate Planner

MigrationWiz now migrates Planner content as part of Teams-to-Teams migrations. This migration includes plans, buckets, tasks, and Planner tabs.


Refer to the Planner migration guide for more details.


SharePoint and OneDrive Migrations

MigrationWiz now supports large file migrations of >15GB via the following Advanced Options:

  • LargeFileMigrations=1

This is only supported for the following migration scenarios. 

SharePoint to SharePoint Online
OneDrive to OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Groups (Document) Migrations

Effective June 28, Microsoft 365 Group (Documents) source and destination endpoints will be deprecated. Microsoft 365 Groups will be migrated as part of SharePoint to SharePoint migrations.

To migrate Microsoft 365 Groups (Document) instances:

  1. Create a Document project type.

  2. Select SharePoint as the source endpoint.

  3. Select SharePoint Online as the destination endpoint.

    1. Requires Shared Document licenses.

  4. Start Migration as outlined in the SharePoint to SharePoint Online migration guide.

Summary of changes to migrating Microsoft 365 Groups:

Migrate Microsft 365 Groups (Documents)



Project Type



Endpoint selection

Microsoft 365 Groups (Documents)

SharePoint Online

License Required

User Migration Bundle license

Shared Document license

There is no change to migrating existing Office 365 Groups (Mailbox) instances.

Migrating Microsoft 365 Groups will require Mailbox licenses and Shared Document licenses.

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