UploaderWiz additional options.




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    Wade Sturman

    Hey Shane, thank you for the feedback. 

    I will add this to our Product Backlog, but before I do, would you mind answering a few questions for me?

    • When you say "It would be nice, if we could run multiple uploader wiz instances on the same machine, under the same username", what problem would this solve for you? (I would like to understand the problem so I can make sure the solution is actually a solution).

    Thanks for your time, and if you have any other ideas, please let us know about them.


    Wade Sturman

    BitTitan Product Management


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    Shawn Lewis

    I am currently trying to migrate a client that has 18 network file shares. Each share has to end up in a different SharePoint document library. Sometimes the upload will fail because they reboot their file server, or their firewall kicks us off the internet (at least once a week apparently). They also have a slow internet speed, so if an upload finishes late at night, then nothing gets done until early the next morning. This means that we have hours of potential upload time wasted because the uploadwiz was left idling.

    Running multiple instances under the same username would allow use to separate the log file that uploader wiz generated into distinct names so that we know which network share relates to which log. Currently everything is jumbled into a single daily log.

    If we could specify the log file per instance, then we should be able to run multiple instances on the same machine at the same time per account. Also, the fact that it blocks the command prompt when it's finished, prevents us from running them in parallel (this is in regard to the message "press any key to continue".

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