Shared Mailbox Cannot be Configured by Deployment Pro?


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    Tanner Strobel

    It’s important to note that Deployment Pro does not support secondary Outlook profiles for the same user, within the same windows profile.

     Deployment Pro does the following:

    • Creates a new mail profile
    • Configures the new profile to send and receive email from Office 365
    • Sets the new profile as the default mail profile
    • Attaches any existing locally-stored PSTs from the current default mail profile
    • Copies over the signatures from the current default mail profile
    • Copies over autocompletes from the current default mail profile.

    Note: Autocompletes were previously copied from the user’s. NK2 file but are now copied from MAPI.

    Auto-mapping of Shared Mailboxes is on by default in Office 365. If the user account has access to that Shared Mailbox, it should be mapped to their Outlook Profile by default. This eliminates the need for a secondary profile for the Shared Mailbox.  

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