How does DeploymentPro work with the existing Outlook cache?


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    Kelsey Epps (BitTitan)

    Limiting the Outlook cache (OST), is a feature of Outlook and outside what DeploymentPro can configure. Bandwidth utilization can be high during the initial download once the new profile is created.

    1) You can reduce the amount of cache needed via GPO; standard Office templates for Outlook 2013 and 2016. The feature is not available to Outlook 2010, but Outlook 2010 is end of life. 

    2) You can also stage your migration so that you only migrate a certain portion of the mailbox (using date filters); i.e. the last one year of data. You can then cut the users over and let them download a cached copy of the mailbox and then slowly migrate the rest of the mailbox using subsequent migration passes with greater date ranges. 

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