Office365 tenant to Office365 Migration - Full Migration query before domain removal.


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    Antonio Vargas

    Hi Murtaza,

    The potential issue if you do the full migration before the domain removal is, at that point, the user is probably still working at the source (since the destination tenant is not yet ready with the vanity domain), and you don't want to move recent emails, contacts and calendars at that point. Those items are subject to be changed/filed into folders.

    Plus on top of that new email is still going into the source tenant, so a full migration at that point won't be 100% efficient anyway.

    Doing a full migration only after the domain removal is 100% effective and all items from the source will be moved anyway. If your concern is to have all items in the destination before the user logs into the new tenant, be aware that we move newest data first, full migration delta passes are usually very quick (since they cover just a small percentage of the mailbox) and with a proper planning for a small window for the migration you can get things done with success. You can also prioritize users if some of them have a VIP status.

    Hope the above makes sense. Any additional questions let us know.

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