Notes to O365 - Some Questions


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    Pablo Galan Sabugo

    Hi Eric,

    Is a 'Sync & Switch' migration possible with Notes (e.g. Synchronize Email for all Mailboxes up to a certain point and then do a cutover ? Or is it a direct migration ?

    Yes, it is actually recommended following what we call pre-stage migration pass which consists of at least 2 migration passes, one before the MX record cutover that only migrates old email and another one after the MX record cutover that migrates everything else, recent email, calendar, contacts and tasks. More info in this KB article:

    Coexistence is not support with bittitan I presume ?

    No, our solution was designed to migrate as many concurrent migration as possible by deploying several Lotus Notes extractor agents more than migrating mailboxes by batches while establishing email forwardings and calendar free/busy coexistence.

    Lotus Notes coexistence solution is on our roadmap though and probably will offer something next year.

    The customer also has a SourceOne/Centera Archiving solution. Will BitTitan automatically read the contents and rehydrate/retrieve the data from the Archive ? (Our alternative is to first migrate the Archives using another solution).

    We do not support SourceOne/Centera, so you would need to migrate that enterprise archive system firstly using another solution like Archive360.

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