DeploymentPro @Destination Domain Name



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    Ross Johnson

    I have the same question - seems a bit strange that your request has not been answered

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Ross,

    To provide you an answer to Jeff's question above, since the mail systems are different the vanity domain can exist on both systems at the same time and to that end should be added to the destination tenant before cutting over the Outlook profiles. The most important thing to take into account with DeploymentPro is the users destination UPN. That UPN should be the final result you wish to have for the user in terms of what they are signing in with. 

    For your situation, I would suggest adding the domain to the tenant, and when you are ready for the users to start using their destination mailboxes, confirm the UPNs for the users are correct in the DeploymentPro project, and run the cutovers at that time. 

    If you have any other questions regarding this matter, please feel free to open up a support ticket here and we will be happy to get all your questions answered. Thank you.


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