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    Pablo Galan Sabugo

    Hello Perry,

    MigrationWiz white label portals as that one https://xxxxxxxx.selfmigration.com/Public/Default.aspx are no longer offered nor supported by us.

    Please just use MigrationWiz.


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    Perry Toone

    Okay thanks for the information.

    You might want to relay this information on to your support team.

    What happens if someone pays through here?

    Why are these still active?

    I have been using one for quite a while and it still works.

    Do you have any plans to train your support team and better inform your customers? It has taken weeks to get an answer from you guys on this.

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    Pablo Galan Sabugo

    If you log into MigrationWiz using the same email address as you used with the White Label portal you will see all the projects created by the custom portal. You only have to reset the password in order to be able to log into MigrationWiz.

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