MigWiz Batch identification



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    Pablo Galan Sabugo

    Hi Karl,

    You can use MSPComplete groups to manually create user batches:

    which can be used to schedule DeploymentPro by batches or import users into the MigrationWiz project by batches.

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    Karl Mok

    Unfortunately the customer was unable to provide user batches at the time so all users had a prestage done.  The MSPComplete group method appears to only add users rather than allow for completion of all group members at once.

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    Nicholas Humaciu

    Hello Karl,

    You would be correct. Our groups method would allow you to add those users in that group to a specific project. At that point you can run those users in one batch from that specific project. However, our method would not allow you to batch migrate users by groups if all the groups are located in one project. 

    At this point what you could do, is create the separate projects for each group, import the group users to their corresponding projects and continue the migrations that way. We will watermark any items that we have previously migrated so you would not have to deal with duplicates being created when you run these new passes. 

    Hope this helps! Take care.

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